Neither Feared nor Respected

tiara the diva

Tiara the Diva

Today I filmed interviews with my crew. I wanted them to have a chance to talk about the filmmaking process and about one another. Tiara called Aldy “Mr. Sleepy” and he retorted by calling her “Mrs. Late.” Interestingly enough, they both described me as being a perfectionist and riding them hard… sometimes too hard. Tiara further noted that she enjoyed watching me get mad at her for being late. “Nobody in my community ever gets mad at me. I’m a diva. So when Kathy gets mad at me for being so late, I’m not scared. I just think it’s funny.” For emphasis, she unleashed a loud peal of laughter.

I’d like to note for the record that Irfan our photographer was sweet enough to describe me as being the most beautiful person in the crew. I was very charmed… until Aldy rolled his eyes and interjected, “Of course! She’s the only woman.” Doh.

There's one biological female here. Can you find her?

There's one biological female here. Can you find her?

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