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Critical Acclaim

“A fascinating exposé.”
The Advocate

“The beauty and honesty are heartbreaking.”

“A compelling documentary that draws you into a world largely unseen and unknown. A revelation to watch and experience!”
Richard Saiz, ITVS Programming Manager

“Each tale is unique and each waria equally fabulous. With a hauntingly beautiful score and rarely seen images of Indonesia, Tales of the Waria is a moving piece of documentary work.”
San Diego Asian Film Festival

“Filmed in the cinematic coastal region of South Sulawesi, this sumptuously shot narrative follows four warias in their respective quests for love… It’s a testament to Huang’s storytelling skills that Tales of the Waria gets us there. What, in lesser hands, could’ve been a hot filmic mess of politics, religion, and ugly –isms too obvious to name is instead a compelling documentary about the real lives of people not unlike you or me.”

“Directed by Kathy Huang, an emerging star in the documentary world, the film brilliantly captures the humanity of the four subjects. Despite their hardships, Tales of the Waria is ultimately uplifting, giving audiences a glimpse of a thriving transgender community. I only wish that it were a bit longer.”
Meniscus Magazine

“Kathy Huang’s purely intimate account of the community of transgender individuals in Indonesia reveals a lifestyle that challenges gender within the confines of Indonesia’s traditional, Islamic beliefs. Nothing is assumed nor proposed. There is no moral or ethical agenda. Tales of The Waria is about life, family and finding love, regardless of gender.”


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